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Humans as social beings can not escape from others. This makes the human need to interact with people around. One form of interaction is to create friendships. Friendship assessed with regard to their mutual understanding and sharing of thoughts, feelings, and other secrets. One of the factors that determine the quality of the friendship is their closeness or intimacy. Sense of humor is one of the factors that favor the formation of closeness. This study aims to know the relationship between sense of humor and intimate friendship. The research sample was 394 students of UIN Suska Riau determined using proportional nonrandom sampling technique, Measuring instrument using a sense of humor scale (Thorson & Powell, 1993) and the intimate friendship scale (Sharabany, 2008). This study hypothesizes that "there is a relationship between sense of humor with intimate friendship." Based on the analysis of product moment correlation values obtained from Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) of0.486 and probability (p) of 0.000 at the significance level of 1%, which means that the hypothesis is accepted. There was a significant relationship between sense of humor and intimate friendship. The results also showed that the sense of humor and intimate friendship positively correlated. This indicates the higher the sense of humor of a person, then the intimate friendship also higher.

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