Dukungan Keluarga bagi Kesejahteraan Sosial Lanjut Usia


  • Siti Redjeki Pusdiklat-bangprof, Kementerian Sosial


Dukungan keluarga, kesejahteraan sosial, lanjut usia


The life period of elderly requires support from their environment especially from their family which is their closest environment. This paper discusses theories and concepts as well as practical experiences related to the issue of social welfare for elderly. The conclusion of this paper is that family support for the social welfare of the elderly is needed because during this period of life the elderly experience physical, psychological and social decline. Family support begins with family understanding in handling specific problems in elderly. Family support is needed so that during their age the elderly can enjoy a quality, happy and prosperous life. Family support is given by meeting specific needs of the elderly, so that the social welfare of the elderly can be achieved. The support given to the elderly must come from the family which is not only useful for the elderly but also beneficial for other family members. This kind of support can also provide a good example for the next generation of how to treat the elderly. Family who supports the elderly will radiate good energy in their lives.